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Welcome to New York's Sixth Senate District

Welcome to my community guide for NY's Sixth Senate District.  Here you can learn about each of the communities. You'll also find lists of contact information for schools, municipal services, community groups, points of interest, and news outlets, and much more.


The Indians were originally drawn to the area of Bethpage because it was distinct from the rest of the Hempstead plains as it had a stream which supplied the Indians with an abundant supply of fish. Thomas Powell purchased the land from the Marsapeque Indians. The area received its name as a combination of biblical influence and Powell’s own …
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East Meadow

Although East Meadow is now a booming suburb, it’s name reflects its rural history as the “Eastern Meadow” of the Hempstead Plains. The East Meadow was utilized as the ground for grazing cattle and significant to industry in the colonial period. During the 1700’s, much of the country’s wool needs were supplied by East Meadow-grazed sheep …
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Farmingdale sits near the eastern end of what was the Hempstead Plains-the vast, treeless prairie then covering what is now central Nassau County. Englishman Thomas Powell purchased about 15 square miles, including the area that became Farmingdale, from the Marsapeque Indians for 140 pounds in 1695. He and his children divided the land into lots and began more than a dozen decades of agriculture in the area …
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Franklin Square

The town now known as Franklin Square emerged around a hotel built by Louis Schroeher in 1852. As a result of this investment in the previous grazing area known as the Hempstead Plains, came an influx of German settlers and travelers on the Hempstead-Jamaica Turnpike. The hotel became a center of society and even held elections in 1881 …
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Garden City

Garden City was once a significant portion of the expansive Hempstead Plains. This land became available for sale in 1867, giving Charles Harvey the opportunity to purchase the land for $42 an acre. Alexander T. Stewart also had plans for the Hempstead land, bidding $55 per acre in the hopes of creating his dream, a planned …
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Garden City South

Garden City South is a hamlet located between Garden City, Franklin Square and West Hempstead. This charming community includes wide streets and plenty of trees. …
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Hempstead gained its reputation as “The Hub” as a result of its central role in the lives of Long Islanders. As the oldest community in Nassau, it became the pivotal location for all public transportation, and the ultimate location for shoppers. The community sprang up on this location because the first English settlers were able …
Learn more about Hempstead, NY.

Island Trees

The story of Island Trees begins with the story of the Hempstead Plains, sixty thousand acres of flat, treeless grasslands that was once considered the largest prairie in the eastern United States. It was here, in 1644, that a group of English colonists established Hempstead, the first permanent settlement in what later became …
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Initially part of the Hempstead Plains, Levittown became a nationally recognized symbol of post World War II suburban development. The Hempstead Plains became the Hempstead settlement in 1644 and later, Nassau County. In the 1930’s, potato farms were devastated by the golden nematode. This devastation, however, offered the Levitt …
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Malverne was originally settled by the Rockaway Indians with the current Ocean Avenue serving as an Indian path. During the 1790’s, the Cornwell family first settled here and began farming the area.…
Learn more about Malverne, NY.


The Massapequas have a star-studded history. They served as the childhood home to comedian Jerry Seinfeld and the Baldwin brothers. Massapequa received its name from the Marsapeague Native American tribe. The name, Massapequa, means “A Great Water Land”“, which accurately reflects its southern shore. The first non-indian settlers …
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Plainedge is a hamlet within the Town of Oyster Bay located north of North Massapequa and west of South Farmingdale. It is 1.4 square miles in area and has a population of about 8,575 (Jan. 1999).

The community was given its name around 1663 because of its treeless landscape. During the mid-1800s, Plainedge was known to have had one of the largest …
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Historians say the name Salisbury originated from English colonists because the area resembled the Salisbury Plains in England, which were named after the English Earl of Salisbury.

The Salisbury area encompasses the northwest corner of East Meadow. The heart of residential Salisbury lies in the triangle formed by …
Learn more about Salisbury, NY.


With the arrival of Captain John Seaman, a native of Seaford, England, Jerusalem South was created which was eventually to become Seaford and also commonly referred to as Seaman's Neck. …
Learn more about Seaford, NY.


Uniondale, known before 1853 as Tutle Hook, has been the site of rich military history. It's story dates back to the Revolution when Uniondale served as an enlistment center and takes us through World War II with the development of an Army Air Force Base in 1961. …
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Historians claim that Wantagh was originally known as Jerusalem which is why the creek running north and south through Wantagh was called the Jerusalem River. The first post office was built in 1837, for Jerusalem, although mail service began around 1780. …
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West Hempstead

The hamlet of West Hempstead was once a dense woodland used by the Algonquin Indians for a gathering place because of its central location. Close to three Long Island Rail Road lines and with its own exit on the Southern State Parkway, West Hempstead’s draw as a centralized location has always attracted a diverse group of people.. …
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Sen. Kemp Hannon presented high school sophomores and juniors with the Youth Leadership Award, Uniondale Library.

Sen Kemp Hannon visited the Garden City High School to recognize two students who have been selected winners of Cablevision’s Hispanic Heritage Essay Contest, Esteban Ortiz (11th grade) and Erika Rooney (8th grade).

Sen. Kemp Hannon attended the Framingdale Lady Daler Lacrosse Fall Fest at Farmingdale High School.

Sen. Kemp Hannon attended the Music in Our Schools concert, seen here with members of East Meadow School District

Senator Hannon visits with the Levittown Soccer Club

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