Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Vehicle Registrations & Inspection Notifications Now Available by E-mail

New Yorkers can now receive electronic reminders of when their vehicle inspections or registrations are coming due.  These can be sent to you by e-mail or by text.


To receive reminders that their vehicle registration or inspection renewal is coming due, DMV customers can sign up for this service online, by mail when they renew their registration, or at any DMV counter or kiosk.  The DMV will automatically enroll any customer who has completed an online transaction within the past two years.


Many DMV services are now available on-line, such as Driversí License renewal, ordering of new plates, and scheduling road tests.  This new service will let drivers keep on top of their upcoming inspections and registrations.  Simply go to and fill out the simple form.


Registration and license e-reminders will be sent approximately 90, 60, and 30 days prior to expiration and again at expiration.  The inspection reminders will be sent on the first of the month of expiration and the 15th month of expiration, and again when the inspection expires.


Later in the year, the service will be expanded to allow customers to receive e-mail and text reminders of when their driver licenses or non-driver IDs are due to be renewed.


For more information on all the on-line services the DMV offers, visit the DMV website at

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