Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Senate Passes Hannon Legislation Targeting Black Market Meds



“There is a growing black market in expensive, non-controlled prescription drugs, such as those for AIDS and asthma and anti-psychotic medications, which have a very high street value,” said Senator Kemp Hannon (R-Nassau).  “The temptation to illegally obtain and resell these meds is great, and these drug resale scams cost the Medicaid system hundreds of millions of dollars.”


Hannon’s legislation (Senate bill 2942) will provide law enforcement with the necessary guidelines and authority to crackdown on this type of behavior and keep our communities safe.


“The black market puts patients at risk and rips off the taxpayers through Medicaid fraud,” said Hannon.  “My bill makes it a crime to fraudulently prescribe, buy and sell these types of medications.”


The expensive medications are most often paid for by Medicaid and sold on the street for a fraction of their actual value.  The criminals who then buy these medicines often bring them to a “stash house,” where they are collected and resold to unscrupulous pharmacies or shipped to other countries.


“Unfortunately, there are often negative and severe consequences resulting from these black market deals,” said Hannon.  “These include sick patients not being able to take their medications, unsuspecting patients purchasing black market drugs from their pharmacy (many of which were not properly stored and maintained), and Medicaid paying huge sums for meds that are dispensed under these fraudulent circumstances.”


This bill has been sent to the Assembly.

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