Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
BLUEPRINT FOR JOBS - A Fiscally Responsible Approach to Job Creation


“ReThink. ReVitalize. ReBuild: A Fiscally Responsible Approach to Job Creation”


I join with my Senate Republican colleagues to announce a bold and sweeping job creation plan to improve New York’s business climate so it not only keeps up with other states, but surpasses them.  Our plan would cut taxes for one million small businesses and reduce energy costs for every business and residential ratepayer in New York, saving them $2.5 billion.


With the state’s revenues are projected to increase by more than $200 million, we are recommending the additional funds should be invested in business and job growth to strengthen the state’s economy more rapidly and create new jobs at a faster pace.


We’ve reduced spending in our last two budgets, and that spending restraint is beginning to show rewards.  We’ve saved more than $18.5 billion in the past two years by working under a self-imposed spending cap of 2%, and this will now allow us to continue reinvesting in our economy to grow more jobs and keep us competitive with other states.


Helping businesses to create new private sector jobs remains the Senate’s highest priority. Under our plan, New York would continue down the path of reducing taxes on small businesses and manufacturers, cutting energy costs by allowing the utility tax surcharge to expire, and eliminating burdensome and redundant rules that inhibit job growth.


If we lower the cost of doing business here, we’ll improve our business climate.  This job creation plan will encourage businesses to locate, remain, or grow in New York State.


The “Senate Republican Blueprint for Jobs” plan would provide:


• A Tax Cut for One Million Small Businesses

• Tax Relief for Manufacturers

• Lower Energy Bills for Every New Yorker and Every Business

• Sweeping Reforms to Cut Red Tape and Bureaucracy

• Job Training to Help New Yorkers Secure Good, High-Paying Jobs

• Common-Sense Budget Reforms

• Investment Funding to Help Launch Start-Ups

• Incentives to Revitalize Downtowns and Main Streets

• Help for New York’s Veterans to Secure Good-Paying Jobs

• Key Reforms To Reduce the Cost of Doing Business

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