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FEMA Emergency Assistance for Homeowners

FEMA Emergency Assistance for Homeowners


FEMA will issue Emergency Assistance for New Yorkers whose homes were affected by Sandy.  Contractors will be brought in to undertake basic repairs so that residents can return to their homes as longer term repairs are in progress.  Homeowners in Nassau County who want to apply for this assistance need to contact the County or local officials to receive contractor support.

Homeowners must be registered with FEMA, and they can do so by calling 1-800-621-FEMA.


FEMA has come up with a two-step approach to assist homeowners in making repairs.  They will use STEP (the newly developed “Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power”) program in addition to the current IHP (“Individuals and Households Program”) to allow people to stay in their homes, avoiding having to find long-term sheltering or temporary housing.  Each of these programs can be accessed concurrently, and participation in one does not preclude participation in the other.


The IHP provides assistance to individuals and households affected by disasters and enables them to address necessary expenses and serious needs that cannot be met via other forms of disaster insurance or assistance.  Forms of housing assistance under IHP include temporary housing, repair, replacement, and semi-permanent/permanent housing construction.


The STEP program enables families to remain in or return to their homes, as a form of shelter as permanent repairs are completed, and consists of three distinct elements: (1) Residential Electric Meter Repair; (2) Temporary Essential Electrical Measures; and (3) Rapid Temporary Exterior Repairs.


Examples of eligible repairs include patching windows or exterior doors, tarp on the roof, minor electrical work and necessary inspections for habitability.


State and local governments are eligible for direct federal assistance  and/or reimbursements of eligible costs under the STEP program, and individual homeowners can then use FEMA traditional Individual Assistance to make permanent repairs to the home.

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