Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Is your child going away to college? Get a Health Care Proxy, Now!

Ranking Member of the Senate Health Committee, Senator Kemp Hannon, is encouraging all parents and guardians of students going away to college to obtain a health care proxy before the students leaves.

“As parents, the last thing we want to think about is the possibility of our children ending up in the hospital while away at school, but we need to always be prepared for the worst,” said Senator Hannon.

With a health care proxy, you can be assured that if a medical problem arises while your child is away at school, that the child’s privacy rights under HIPAA will not prevent you from accessing medical information and making appropriate health care decisions for the child.

“As a concerned parent whose child is in the hospital, the last thing you want to hear from the hospital staff is that you cannot receive any information on your child’s status or make any decisions,” said Hannon. “However, without a health care proxy, that’s exactly what will happen.”

If the child attends an out of state college, it’s advisable to have a health care proxy in the child’s home state, as well as in the state in which the child attends college.  Make sure to have your child provide a copy of his or her health care proxy to the campus health center as well.

Need a health care proxy form for the State of New York?  Click here!

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