Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Is your pool ready? You May be Eligible for a Rebate

With that hot summer weather just a few weeks away, pool owners are gearing up to take their first dip of the season. But did you know that if you’re not using a two-speed or variable-speed pump to filter your water, you maybe be sending money down the pool drain?

That’s why Senator Kemp Hannon is alerting all pool owners that a variable-speed pool pump can cut your energy costs each season by 30 percent or more.  “These more efficient pumps operate at the lowest speed necessary to filter the pool,” said Senator Hannon.  Since it takes far less energy for the pump to move the water slowly rather than quickly, reducing the pump speed actually reduces the power needed to an eighth of what was needed previously to get the job done.

Throughout 2010, when you have a participating dealer install an eligible two-speed or variable-speed pool pump, you’ll be eligible for a $75 rebate from LIPA on a two-speed pool pump, and a $200 rebate from LIPA on a variable-speed pool pump. You must be a LIPA customer to be eligible for the rebates. For more information, visit OR call 1-877-654-5472.

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