Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Hannon Passes Several Bills During 2015 Legislative Session

The 2015 Legislative Session reflects the Senate Republican Conference’s commitment to creating a brighter future throughout the State.  For the fifth straight year, the budget rejected tax increases and kept overall spending growth below two percent.  The Session included a Budget that increased school aid approximately $1.4 billion along with large relief from GEA cuts and one that made investments in quality health care, set to improve the quality for all New Yorkers. 

I am proud of what was accomplished this session.  Here are some of the bills I sponsored that passed both houses during the 2015 Legislative Session:

S676B—The CARE Act—reduces future hospitalizations of patients, ensuring that caregivers take part in and are educated about patients’ needs once they leave the hospital. 

S4327A—Allows Food service establishments to offer their customers the ability to bring their pet dogs into outdoor dining areas

S5482—Clarifies that an adult guardian appointed in another state can appear in New York Courts if authorized; guardian would also be allowed to sell real estate using the same process

S1570A—helps prevent the abuse and diversion of opioid analgesic drugs, ensuring that abuse-deterrent drugs approved by the FDA are dispensed whenever prescribed

S2486—delays the requirement that doctors and other prescribers begin using solely electronic prescriptions

S5183—Breastfeeding Mothers’ Bill of Rights—updates these Bill of Rights to add a provision, allowing women to take reasonable, unpaid breaks at work in order to pump breast milk for up to three years following childbirth

S4324A--adds vacation against meningococcal disease to the list of vaccines children are required to have before entering school

S8—ends pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, requiring employers to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with pregnancy-related conditions



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