Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Hannon's CARE Act Legislation Passes in Both Houses



Senator Kemp Hannon, Chairman of the Senate Health Committee, announces that both the Assembly and the Senate have passed legislation that would help caregivers receive the necessary resources to provide care to older adults and others with long-term health concerns in a home setting.

This bill, if signed into law by the Governor, would reduce the amount of hospitalizations of patients, ensuring that needed caregivers are heavily involved in patients' needs and how to best meet them in their homes.

"By identifying a caregiver while the patient is still in the hospital, involving the caregiver in the discharge plan and providing personalized instruction on post discharge care, this legislation will make a real difference in patient care and health outcomes,” said Hannon. "This legislation embodies the triple aim of health care--improving health, enhancing quality, and reducing cost."

The bill, also introduced in the Assembly, further requires that patients’ family caregivers be identified and included in official medical records, and that hospitals notify family caregivers prior to a patient’s transfer or discharge.

“In order to successfully address the challenges of a surging population of older adults, and others who have significant needs for long-term services and supports, the State must develop methods to enable caregivers to continue to support their loved ones at home, avoiding costly hospital readmissions,” said Hannon.  “Therefore, this Act will enable caregivers to provide competent post-hospital care to their family and loved ones, and provide substantial cost-savings to taxpayers at the same time."

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