Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Hannon Calls on Governor to Sign His Airplane Noise Bill



“The three airports operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANY-NJ) collectively represent the busiest airport system in the United States, and over time, we have seen a dramatic increase in flights coming into and out of these facilities,” said Senator Kemp Hannon (R-Nassau).  “I have introduced legislation, passed by both houses of the Legislature and now awaiting Governor Cuomo’s signature, that would require the Port Authority to conduct a noise and land use compatibility survey and schedule public hearings regarding aircraft noise issues.”


Noise pollution caused by jet aircraft is a serious issue on Long Island and in Nassau County, as anyone who tries to open windows or use their backyards can attest.  Hannon’s legislation is calling for a noise study, similar to those conducted at many airports around the United States and the Northeast, be conducted so that noise abatements may be recommended.


“Safety of passengers and crew is of paramount importance when considering flight patterns,” said Hannon.  “But the noise pollution caused to those whose homes are beneath those flights must be a consideration as well.  My bill seeks a study, plus the holding of public hearings, to determine what noise abatements can be safely enacted so as to minimize the impact on those on the ground.  Perhaps different runways or flight paths can be used or other solutions can be found to keep airplane noise to a minimum while ensuring safety for all.”


This bill was passed in the Senate on May 18th and the Assembly passed the bill on June 20th.  All that awaits it now is Governor Cuomo’s signature.  Because the bill affects a bi-state agency (PANY-NJ), New Jersey lawmakers would also need to pass a law requiring the Port Authority undertake this study.


“The noise issue directly impacts Nassau County residents, who have for years been subjected to overflights from planes on their way to our area airports,” said Hannon.  “This bill is a first step in a lengthy, but necessary process to look at ways to reduce airplane noise for our residents.”

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