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New Law Will Help Combat Cyberbullying


My 2010 Cyberbullying Forum solicited many excellent suggestions from children on how to address cyberbullying.

New Law Will Help Combat Cyberbullying


The Governor has now signed into law legislation which will provide additional protections and procedures for students who are bullied or cyberbullied.  The legislation clarifies and expands the “Dignity for All Students Act,” an anti-cyberbullying law enacted in 2010, and creates guidelines for local school districts to develop policies and procedures to address the problem.


This comprehensive measures includes within the definitions of “bullying” and “cyberbullying” verbal and non-verbal actions, whether on or off school property, which create a risk of substantial disruption of the school environment.

Reports indicate that more than 7 million students from ages 12-18 were bullied at school and with the onslaught of technological advances in recent decades, more than 1.5 million students say they were cyberbullied on or off school property.


For too many children, the cyberworld can be a threatening place – a venue where hurtful text messages, emails and Facebook postings are used to bully or intimidate them.


The legislation provides school districts and parents with additional tools they need to address bullying and cyberbullying.  Unlike bullying which may take place in a school yard, our 21st century tools allow cyberbullies to abuse their victims on a 24/7 basis, and in too many instances, this type of non-stop bullying has led to tragic consequences.


That’s why this law represents a major step forward in our effort to ensure a safer, more secure environment for young New Yorkers to learn and grow.


To learn more about the new cyberbullying law, click here.

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