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New York Now in Top 10 States for Growth, Productivity and Liveability

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New York Now in Top 10 States for Growth, Productivity and Liveability


A new study just issued by the U.S. Chamber of  Commerce shows that New York State now ranks in the Top 10 states for growth, productivity and livability.  Thanks to the leadership of the Governor and Senate Republicans, we have forged a partnership which is creating jobs and growing businesses in New York.


During the past 18 months, Senate Republicans have worked with the Governor to bring spending under control, stopped the runaway tax increases of the previous administration, and have put into place policies which will create thousands of new private-sector jobs.


We have reduced taxes on the middle classes, put into place a property and school tax cap, and partnered with the Governor to enact “Recharge NY.”  New  York is fast becoming a state where the partnership between government and the private sector are encouraging billions of dollars in new investments and creating real, high-end jobs for New Yorkers.


We have more work to do and the Senate has already been instrumental in helping businesses to create new jobs, such as the “New Jobs New York” plan, which has not been passed by the Assembly.  We will continue to work to build on our tremendous progress.


According to the U. S. Chamber’s report, “The Empire State’s large, complex economy performed well across all measures, placing in the top 25 in six of seven.  The state moved up 11 spots in this year’s performance rankings due to rapid GSP expansion and per capita personal income growth.  New York is fourth in GSP per job and ninth in per-capita personal income growth in the past decade.  Much of this growth has been driven by the rebound in various high-value finance sectors.  The state’s private colleges and universities also expanded rapidly, adding nearly 55,000 jobs for a rate of growth of 30%.”


You can view the entire study here

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