Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Do you or a loved one rely on life-support? - Be prepared when the next storm hits!

Senator Kemp Hannon is encouraging all Nassau County residents who rely on life-support equipment to file a medical certificate from a physician or local Board of Health with LIPA.

LIPA has a “Critical Care Program” that helps identify customers who rely on life-support equipment.  After customers file a medical certificate from their doctor or local Board of Health, LIPA will note the account and tag the specific meter as “Critical Care.”  If a storm is anticipated, LIPA will call all critical care customers in order to aid customers in making advanced preparations.  If an outage does occur, every effort will be made to restore the electricity of the critical care customers first.

The 11 devices that meet the medical criteria for life-support equipment include: Apnea Monitor, Curraise Respirator, Positive Pressure Respirator, Suction Machine, IV Feeding Machine, Tank Type Respirator, Respirator/Ventilator, Hemodialysis Machine, Rocking Bed Respirator, Oxygen Concentrator and IV Medical Infusion Machine.

Customers can sign-up and find more information about this program by calling LIPA at 1-800-490-0025 or by visiting

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