Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Senator Hannon Announces the Kickoff of His Summer Reading Program

Show your family and friends that you are a rising star and read with Senator Kemp Hannon this Summer!

How do you enter the program? Itís simple! Just visit Senator Hannonís website at and download a Reading Journal. Then, follow these simple steps:        

1. Choose at least 3 books you want to read.

2. When you are finished reading each book, write down the title, the author, and a sentence telling Senator Hannon what the book was about.

3. Have a parent or guardian sign your journal.

4. Fold the journal in half, with the mail panel showing, tape the top closed, put a stamp on it and mail it back to Senator Hannonís office: 224 Seventh Street, Suite 200,  Garden City, NY 11530.

Once Senator Hannon receives your journal, heíll send you an official New York State Senate certificate congratulating you on completing his reading program!

District Office
595 Stewart Avenue, Suite 540
Garden City, NY 11530
Albany Office
420 State Capitol Bldg.
Albany, NY 12247