Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Be Smart, Use a "Smart" Strip

If you add up all of your electronic gadgets and appliances, you might realize how much they are adding to your electric bill.

“If you’re a gadget fan like me, it’s important to take simple but necessary steps in order to reduce your electric bill at the end of the month,” said Senator Kemp Hannon.  “Turning off the TV when you are not watching it is common sense, but there are some additional steps everyone should be taking,” continued Hannon.

Senator Hannon is asking Long Islanders to review the checklist below and see if they are making the choices that will allow them to enjoy their electronics without worrying about the cost:

    · If you plug your DVD and other video components into an advanced “smart” power strip, they will automatically turn off when you turn off the TV

    · Ink jet printers can be as much as 90 percent more efficient than laser printers

    · Laptops use less electricity than desktops

    · When looking for a new high definition TV, look for a liquid crystal display (LCD) model that could be twice as efficient as a plasma screen model

According to LIPA, a typical household will spend $100 per year to power electronic devices while they are turned off or in standby mode. By simply plugging multiple devices or chargers into a single power strip, you can cut the power with one switch.

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