Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Five Internet Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know



Whether they’re on a laptop or using their cell phone, kids are accessing the internet. It’s never too early to provide kids with internet safety information.

 That’s why Senator Kemp Hannon is reminding parents of five important internet safety tips:

1. Place the family computer in a common area: Have your younger children use a desktop or a laptop that is located in a family room so you can better monitor what websites they are visiting.

2. Play an active role: More than 50 percent of children say their parents have no clue about what sites they are visiting and who they are talking to online. Spend time with your kids online and ask questions about what sites they are surfing and who they are connecting with.

3. Set limits: Have a conversion with your children about what they want to use the internet for and why. Set limits on the amount and type of accounts kids open and for how many hours a day they are permitted to surf the net for social and recreational purposes.

4. Educate: Be straightforward with your children about the many threats and dangers they face online so they understand why you are setting limits. Make sure they know how to protect themselves if confronted by a cyber-bully or another online predator.  This includes the dangers of posting photos and information about themselves.

5. Use parental control and content filtering software:  Motoring and filtering software are key tools for assisting parents in protecting their children from online predators and inappropriate website content.  Monitors enable parents to review their children’s internet use, while filters block access to questionable content. 

For additional information on how to protect your children online, visit the “Kid’s Privacy” topic on .  For important information about New York State and to sign-up for invaluable forums and seminars right in your community, visit .

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