Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Hannon Announces Bill to Prevent Governor From Withholding Taxpayer Refunds

Senator Kemp Hannon announced new significant legislation sponsored by State Senator George Winner (R-C-I, Elmira) that would require the state to provide personal income tax refunds within 30 days after a taxpayer files a return, rather than withhold those refunds for months as Governor Paterson has threatened to do.

“New York State is in the most difficult financial situation in its history. The people are saying that every cent counts and yet, Governor Paterson continues to ignore their voices,” said Senator Hannon. “Punishing the taxpayers is not an acceptable response to the current fiscal crisis New York is facing,” Hannon continued. 

If this legislation is not enacted, it could result in a months-long delay for many taxpayers waiting for a state income tax refund. 

The Governor’s plan to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in tax refunds from struggling taxpayers comes on the heels of a cash grab that would have forced New York motorists to pay $25 for a set of new license plates they didn’t want or need. Republican lawmakers and county clerks across the State beat back the license plate scheme after collecting hundreds of thousands of signatures on petitions from angry taxpayers opposing the plan. 

Upon Governor Paterson’s announcement that some state income tax refunds will likely be delayed, Senator Hannon started an online petition on his website and on his Facebook page, encouraging Long Islanders to demand their tax refunds.

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