Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Sen. Hannon Proposes Bill to Provide 'One-Stop Shopping' for H1N1 Info

Confused and overloaded by all the Swine Flu information that is floating around?  You’re not alone.  That’s why Senator Kemp Hannon is proposing a bill, calling for the State to consolidate all of the pertinent information regarding the H1N1 flu onto one online forum to ensure accuracy and convenience for New Yorkers.
“We need to provide information for New Yorkers in a clear and coherent manner that is readily accessible,” said Senator Hannon (6th Senate District).  “The current information posted on web sites is difficult to find, organized in a confusing fashion and scattered over different governmental agencies and, within the agencies, over different web pages,” continued the senator.
Senator Hannon’s proposed legislation will provide New Yorkers with the confidence of knowing that their questions regarding the H1N1 flu can be answered quickly and accurately by visiting one web site.  “Concerned parents should not be burdened with determining which specific information applies to their children and how to efficiently find that information,” said Hannon.  “I recommend that we work together.  For example, the Department of Health and Department of Education should cross-reference each other prior to posting H1N1 information.”
In his letter sent to Governor Paterson, Health Commissioner Daines and Education Interim Commissioner Huxley on September 3rd, Senator Hannon conveyed the urgency of providing one informational H1N1 flu web site for the benefit of all New Yorkers. 
“We must act now to provide people with easily accessible and clear information. We need to reassure New Yorkers that there is no need to read between the lines and conduct their own research to discover the answers to their questions,” said Hannon.

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